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Papa’s Legacy is an educational book to teach young adults why it’s crucial to start investing at an early age. Parents and grandparents can give kids the visionary gift of an investment. Everyone, especially teens, can control their future if they are smart with their money. With Papa’s Legacy, you can give your young adult the knowledge that is not taught in school—the power of investing.

This colorful, creative book follows the story of Tereza, a recent high school graduate, and how her grandparents and parents teach her to invest just $25 a month to build a nest egg. Investing and retirement certainly weren’t on the forefront of Tereza’s mind, but she sure is glad someone was looking out for her and taught her what she needed to know before it was too late. Papa’s Legacy explores all of basics—from monthly investments, added value, mutual funds, Roth IRA, compounding interest, and more—that will equip any reader with the confidence and eagerness to shape their future and leave a financial legacy today.

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Papa's Legacy is based upon conversations I had with my dad, Terry.  I hope you use this information to build a future for your kids; like I am doing with mine.


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